As per Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003, "Regulations on Personal Data Protection", Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl, as the "Owner" of data protection, informs you that the personal data provided and obtained (i) during the Запрос for information for the purposes of the services offered by the company (ii) when browsing the website through the so-called system logs, will be handled for the following purposes:

1) Purposes strictly connected and/or required to managing your Запрос or obtained through the website or by email or any other communication device;

2) Purposes related to requirements stated by laws, regulations and EU standards as well as disposals given by authorised bodies or security and control bodies;

3) Operational purposes for activities carried out by Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl including but not limited to: survey of customers satisfaction rating relevant to the quality of services supplied, either carried out directly or through specialised companies by means of personal or telephone interviews, questionnaires, etc.; newsletters and promotional documentation about the services offered by Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl and/or companies belonging to the group, market researches, economical and statistical analyses.

According to the above mentioned purposes, the handling of personal data is carried out through manual or IT tools with methods strictly connected with the purposes and adopting suitable measures for guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the data. The handling of personal data can be carried out with the above mentioned methods and modalities by Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl, by third parties supplying services of data processing or carrying out complementary activity or activities required for carrying out services and operations you required. Moreover, when it is necessary in order to satisfy your Запросs, data can be also disclosed to Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl employees, additional departments of the company and companies, even foreign companies, belonging to the same group.

Data will be stored within the EU, on a server owned by Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl or other companies of the Group.

With reference to the above mentioned purposes, Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl informs that supplying personal information is optional for the activities of the company, while it is compulsory for purposes 1) and 2) and therefore in these last cases the refusal to provide personal information will cause the impossibility to fulfil your Запросs by Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl

With reference to the above situation 3), Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl will require from time to time, by means of boxes on the website pages, the authorisation for the use of personal data.

Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl informs that under article 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, you have special rights for authorising the use of your personal data. In particular you may obtain by the owner or any other data manager the confirmation of the existence of personal data regarding you and that they are available in a comprehensible way. You have also the right to know the contents and origin and purposes of data handling or Запрос that they be integrated, updated or changed; Запрос that the data be deleted, transformed into an anonymous form or that any data treated in breach of the law be blocked; and to oppose in any case, for lawful reasons, their processing.

For any information relevant to this document as well as to exercise the above mentioned rights, please contact the following email address: xxx@xxxx.

In order to be informed about any change or modification of policies relevant to privacy statement followed by Sartiano Figli cantine e vigneti srl, mainly due to standard amendments, we kindly ask you to often check this page.


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